Select Honors and Awards:

Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship in Nonfiction, 2022.

Boschen Fund for Artists Grant, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, 2020.

Finalist, Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship in Nonfiction, 2020.

Notable selections in Best American Essays and Best American Sports Writing, 2016.

Notable selection in Best American Essays, 2015.

Published Essays and Articles:

“On Being Frog and Toad,” Fourth Genre, forthcoming 2022. Finalist in the Steinberg Memorial Essay Prize.

The Mangle, the Child, and the Chicken,” Terrain.org. 25 Feb. 2022. (Finalist in Terrain’s 12th annual nonfiction contest.)

“About a Body,” North American Review, 306.2 (Summer 2021).

Hawking as a Way of Seeing,” Sierra, Feb. 2021.

Teaching my Daughter to Love Nature, One Bite at a Time,” Sierra, Aug. 2019.

“On Stillness.” The Indiana Review. Spring 2018.

Consider the Rooster.Aeon. Feb. 2018.

Into the Field.” Orion Magazine. June/July 2016.

The Lure of the Hunt.” VQR. Fall 2015. (Notable in Best American Sports Writing, 2016.)

The Art of Butchery.” Aeon Magazine. Apr. 2015. (Notable in Best American Essays, 2016.)

“Within this Kingdom.” Fourth Genre. Feb. 2014. (Notable in Best American Essays, 2015.)

Biological Parents.The Magazine. 18 Jul. 2013.

Ausangate.” Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment. May 2013.

“Erratics.” Imagination & Place: Cartography, an Anthology. Mar. 2013.

“Concerning couguar.” Terrain.org. 29.1 (2012).

From Vela Magazine:

“The Edge of Extraordinary.” 2015.

“On Reading a Killer’s Manifesto.” Jun. 2014.

“Of Bikes and Men.” May 2014.

“Lives and Past Lives.” Jan. 2014.

“A Life’s Work.” Jun. 2013.

“Yo Soy Peru.” Apr. 2013.

“Still Life in Ecuador.” Jan. 2013.

“The Long Haul.” Dec. 2012.

“Below the Surface.” Oct. 2012.

“Erratics.” Aug. 2012.

“Summer People.” May. 2012.

“Fear and Loneliness in Sublette County.” Apr. 2012.

“A Non-Travel Essay.” Feb. 2012.

“A Road Runs Through It.” Jan. 2012.

“Rekindled.” Nov. 2011.

“‘God Bless Big Oil’: Field Notes from the Land of Industrial Tourism.” Oct. 2011.

Book Reviews:

“Not There Yet…” Review of The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses and Changed the Workplace, by Lynn Povich. Vela Magazine: The Blog. 12 Nov. 2012.

“Everything Becomes Erstwhile.” Review of Things That Are, by Amy Leach. Hot Metal Bridge. 15 Dec. 2012.


“‘A Slave to the Essayistic Impulse’: An Interview with Angela Morales.” Vela Magazine.

“Crafting Memoir and ‘Doing Grief’: An Interview with Melanie Bishop.” Vela Magazine.

“Freedom to Speak: An Interview with Sampsonia Way’s Silvia Duarte.” Vela Magazine.

“An Interview With Evan Ratliff.” In which we discuss The Atavist and current digital nonfiction forms. Hot Metal Bridge. Dec. 2011.

“Influence, Chaos, and the Art of Open Ended Research: An Interview With Eula Biss.” In which we discuss lyric essay, influence, and teaching. Hot Metal Bridge. Dec. 2012 (w/ Nikki Carroll).


“A House in the Country.” Jabberwock Review. 30.1 (2009): 12-26.

“Mother Tongue.” Passages North. 30.1 (2009): 52-63.

“Sunday Drive.” Alligator Juniper. 8 (2003): 131-140.

Berkshires Week Articles:

“Art will foster an arc of young minds.” Berkshires Week. 4 August 2011:

“Talk to the animals: Ways to volunteer.” Berkshires Week. 4 August 2011:

“Crime in the kitchen: A night of mystery.” Berkshires Week. 28 July 2011: 12

“Ridgerunners from Georgia to Maine.” Berkshires Week. 14 July 2011: 10.

“Discover Tyler Street on a summer day.” Berkshires Week. 23 June 2011: 41.

“Abstract artist walks in southeast Asia.” Berkshires Week. 23 June 2011: 37.

“Leonard Bernstein to klezmer music.” Berkshires Week. 16 June 2011: 5.

“‘Follow the Thread’ up to Arrowhead.” Berkshires Week. 9 June 2011: 5.

“Prints from an abstract natural world.” Berkshires Week. 3 June 2010: 10.

“Dynamic writing: Online response.” Berkshires Week. 28 Jan. 2010: D5+.

“A Season to Search for Stories.” Berkshires Week. 24 Dec. 2009: D3+.

“A Dollmaker and Her Elves.” Berkshires Week. 24 Dec. 2009: D3+.

“Where Galaxies Clink on the Ceiling.” Berkshires Week. 24 Sept. 2009: 9.

“Intriguing Insects on Patrol.”Berkshires Week. 3 Sept. 2009: 11.