Writer living in western Massachusetts.

The next few posts are dedicated, much belatedly, to my travels in Peru. I was lucky enough to receive a Nationality Room Scholarship from the University of Pittsburgh this summer–The George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Memorial Award–in order to research and write about the Interoceanic Highway. The highway runs from Peru’s Pacific coast eastward […]

Here’s a photo of Mono Grande, photographed by Swiss oil geologist Francois de Loys in 1920. He claims the primate was 1.57 meters tall (spider monkeys are about 1 meter tall). It’s widely considered a hoax, scientists criticizing Loys’s claim with the argument that what’s pictured here is a spider monkey. (It’s dead, and the […]

I came back to Pittsburgh for the start of the school year on Friday, August 26th, and Hurricane Irene hit Massachusetts two days later. Whereas wind damage wasn’t as heinous as expected, rain caused water levels to rise to record heights. I came back to Mass to visit the following weekend. Nearly all the shrubs […]