Writing and Editing Services


I offer one-to-one tutoring sessions for high school, college, graduate, and adult learners working on essays and other writing assignments. Having spent nine years as a writing professor, I draw a firm distinction between my tutoring work and my editing work: I do not edit or rewrite student work, but rather guide the student, first helping them to understand the assignment at hand and helping them figure out what it is they want to say in a piece of writing. Next, my goal is to empower learners to make their own stylistic choices and develop their own voices as writers. I can help to clarify the various forms, genres, and styles that writing can take in various contexts in both academic and non-academic settings. I don’t fix a student’s grammatical errors for them–but I will work with a student to identify grammar and conventions of written English.

Examples of tasks I might assist with are:

  • general assistance with essay assignments and other writing assignments in any subject (it’s okay to send me an essay and to say you’re not really sure what you want help with!)
  • guidance with the research process
  • working effectively with sources
  • developing cohesive and substantiated arguments
  • identifying and writing for a particular audience
  • the college application essay
  • cover letters for jobs


I also mentor individuals embarking on personal creative writing projects. As a practicing essayist, journalist, and former editor, I’m experienced in developing short and longform essays for publication. Whether you’re looking to place a piece for publication or simply looking for a second pair of eyes, I can offer your writing a fresh perspective. I’d love to help with the following:

  • providing feedback on creative projects such as personal essays, memoirs, and opinion/thought pieces
  • magazine pitching
  • submitting to literary journals

Whereas each tutoring or mentoring session will look a little different based on what a student/writer needs, a typical session will follow this format:

  • I have an initial conversation with you to discuss the project at hand and how I can best serve your needs.
  • You send me your essay or other work-in-progress via email. I read through once to acquaint myself with the work, then I read a second time making notes in the margin.
  • We meet (via phone, video conference, or, when it is safe to do so again, in-person) to discuss the work. We make any plans for next steps or follow-up, if need be.

Writing and Editing Services

I help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits with a variety of writing needs, from newsletters to website content to grant proposals. I work at a variety of levels, depending on your needs. I can draft first copies, guide you in revising, or simply proofread before you hit “send” or “publish.”

Need help with something that isn’t quite represented on this page? Get in touch to see if I’d be a good fit for your project.